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Cod taco's

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Trying to find ways to reduce the inventory of all the King Salmon and Cod that we caught this last year which we still have in our freezer to make room for this year's upcoming Salmon season which begins in 5 weeks yahoo.gif

So, yesterday thawed out some Rock Cod filets, slicing them lengthwise. Marinate them in a bag with EVOO, S&P, chili powder for an hour. Afterwards, put in foil pan and fired up the BBQ.

Topped the fish with a chunky salsa and baked on the grill until fish was cooked.

When 90% cooked, topped with a mix of smoked Cheddar and Jack cheese. Cooked until melted

Served on small corn tortillas with a Mexican rice and a Mex salad. Did I say belch?

Tapayakin' from my iphone
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looks good, if your looking for ways to empty your freezer you could send some my way.

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Very fun!!!!!! And gorgeous colors too! Cheers! - Leah

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