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hey Jax,my brunswick  stew is very much like yours.years ago (60) or so my parents used squirrls,rabbits coons,deer and chickens.I cook mine in a 21 qt. pot with 3 lbs each or chicken,beef ,and pork for this size pot.with 16-17 quarts of stew after it coots down.I use a small boat ore to stir and its ready when the ore stands on its on  without falling over. (low &slow )3-4 hours.

charles t.

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Ok so i go home and get a chuckie started and 4 hours later.

I chop the chuckie and get my other ingredients together

Into the pool they go

So as I was completing the process i found my potatos were now ready for planting but not so much for my stew so that got left out. I also only used PP and beef.

There were several things i like better about your recipe than mine and a couple i did not like.


1) like the tomato paste and catsup think they add a thickening component mine lacks
2) same with the cream corn, whether or not the cream corn vs me adding regular frozen corn and heavy cream is a difference maker yours is definitely thicker. Some experimination is in order here. My inclination (because i dont like to be wrong) is that frozen corn and fresh heavy cream should be better than using the cream corn chub.
3) love adding the green peppers a real difference maker on taste that i love
4) same with the red onion vs me normally using a sweet onion. I need to get out of the habit of using sweet onions in everrrrything!

Now for the dislikes

1) i used about half lima beans and half peas, my guests loved having both in the stew, personally i would rather omit the peas, not sure how this one turns out in the end (again dont like being wrong)
2) my biggest complaint IT WAS TO SMOOTH!!!!! I cooked this on a tuesday night and had a bowl Wednesday night. After eating i added half a cup of apple cidar vinegar. To me it needed this bite.

Now for a question, as i mentioned from my post earlier today i served this to about 15 guests, one of whom was from south ga. And he said this was like a ga brunswick stew???? Any one have thoughts on regional differences?
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Very cool, Blat.  Thanks for sharing and even taking the time for some q-view.  Glad your guests enjoyed it as well.


The potatoes add more volume than they do flavor, but I would suggest sticking with them.

I'll have to try using cream instead of creamed corn.  As well as thickening, I like the fresh taste of the frozen corn.

I ran across the same issue with sweet onions a couple of years ago.  My wife and I both love them and started using them almost exclusively.  Then one day my uncle was cooking something with regular white spanish onion and it hit me that I had been missing something in a lot of recipes by only using sweets.


I grew up with butter beans being used and don't have anything against them. 

I will try the vinegar.  That sounds good.


I would have to agree with your guest that said it was like a south GA brunswick stew as I am from Dothan, AL (about 30 minutes west of GA and 20 minutes north of FL) - pretty much the same regional thing going on in the flavor profile.


Hey, I'm very glad you tried it and that it was successful.

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I always make mine with squirrel, you cant beat it!

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