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Newbie(ish) here.

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Hello, all!


Some might recognize my name as the guy that made the "No-Weld Double Barrel Smoker" instructable, but prior to that build, my experience with smoking had been limited.  So despite having now gotten a year of smoking under my belt, this has only been done using my own first-time build, and I've not branched out much further than the standard meats (ribs, chicken, turkey, brisket, picnics, boston butts, and sausages).  I've had some smashing successes and some colossal failures along the way, but the fun has been worth the costs.


I'm in Stafford, VA (near Quantico) and prior Army, myself.  I'm now a computer programmer professionally, and part-time tinkerer as a hobby, and a wanna-be indy game programmer that's not getting any younger...


Strangely enough, I stumbled across these forums when a google search for my own instructable build showed someone had mentioned it in the comments!  I look forward to all I can learn from the collected experience here!



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  Welcome Javin. Glad you found us! Be sure to take pics of your smokes, and smoker, and post for all to see.



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Thank you for the welcome! 


The smoker I use can be seen here in all it's detailed minutia:


Eventually, if I was smart, I'd get around to making the video on how I use it.  I've actually taken some video and have it all stacked up on my computer, but never got around to putting it together into anything presentable.


Perhaps I'll snap some pictures this weekend!



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Welcome from Maryland

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Welcome Javin! I'm a web developer myself but don't get into the gaming as much :)


There is alot of knowledge in the Builds section so ask away and you'll get alot of advice on your project. 


And Thanks your for your service as well!


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texas.gifHello and welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.   



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