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Tiger Sauce


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I make my own sauces but if I do use a store sauce it would be tobasco and a few others that are local to me

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My favorites are all tobascos (especially chipotle) and Lousianna Hot Sauce--red or green.  Tried Frank's once and gave the bottle to my stepdaughter--didn't taste like much beyond vinagre and I wasn't real impressed.


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Originally Posted by jimdepo View Post

The one and only,from Louisiana,McILhenny TABASCO.:drool

Me too.  Franks, which the local favorite around these parts is way to vinegary for me.  But truth be told, I have a Ghost Pepper sauce in my fridge that is killer, but very good.

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Cajun Power Louisiana Lighting sauce. Has a much better taste than Tabasco.
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Without a doubt. The best all around hot sauce.

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Originally Posted by Muttly View Post

I make my own sauces but if I do use a store sauce it would be tobasco and a few others that are local to me

just inspired me to make my own sauce...........SAUCE VIEW coming soon!

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Please don't hate me but I am not a fan of Tabasco.  That's right, I said it.  I am not a vinegar lover and most hot sauces use it as a base.  There are a few companies that use carrot juice as a base and I think it's wayyy better.

My favorite is called "Datal-Do-It"  hard to find in most stores so I get a bunch when I find it.

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my grandparents live in Victoria,texas

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you a fan of uncle mutts?

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Originally Posted by raastros2 View Post

you a fan of uncle mutts?

They are not the best in town but I will eat there sometimes.

I have been in this town for all my 50+ years.  Except for the summer heat and humidity, it's a great place.

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yeah my granddad likes them cause of the lean brisket

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I always have at least two bottles in the refrigerator:  Tabasco and The Pepper Plant Original California Hot Sauce, my absolute favorite.  It is made in Gilroy, CA, garlic capital of the world.  Discovered it 15-20 years or more ago at a BBQ joint in Atascadero or Paso Robles, CA.  Has a kind of smoky flavor that just really hits my hot button. It is a medium heat, like Tabasco, which I prefer.  I immediately bought a case of the stuff the first time I tried it.


All their hot sauces are thick like ketchup.  My wife has a rather "tame" palate, so when I like to kick up whatever's on my plate or in my bowl I reach for The Pepper Plant bottle.  Love this stuff in chili, clam chowder, and as a kicker in ANY shredded beef recipe once its on my plate.


They typically only retail in restaurants and small markets, not big chains.  They have quite a few flavors.  My two favorites are shown below.  Amazon sells it too.   


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Gator Hammock - gator sauce it's awesome try it n you'll love it
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