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Just messing around

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Well the snow here in the Denver area has finally melted enough for me to get to the wood pile. So I was itching to get a fire going and just smoke some 'sheeeet'. So here is what is in the smoker right now. 

Boneless Chuck Roast

A Deli Turkey Breast: a pretty mediocre one, but i cut it into 1 inch slices and sprinkled my sugar free rub on it and now its being perfumed with burning sticks of hickory. It was on sale at Restaurant Depot for $1.79/# so i figured that a little smoke could dry out the water pumped texture and kick up the taste a bit. 

A Hormel Deli Ham: This was $1.50/# at RD. Again, cut it into 11 inch slices, no rub since it is salt enough, and threw it into the smoker to add some smoke spice to it.

Salt: I found a thread on here a few weeks back about how to smoke salt. A friend of mine built the frame according to Xutfuzzy's specs. It is a great thread and y'all should read it.

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It's nice to get outside and get smoking. Still waiting for any signs of spring here in Wisconsin. I hope everything turned out well for you!

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I like the way you think. It all sounds great ! Hope you can post a few pix when it's done.
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