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backyard comp.

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hey everyone, im here in oceanside, im looking to get into competition bbq but dont want to dive into the big comps first. anyone know of close by backyard style comps. or anyone want to get together and create one?

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I haven't heard of anyone trying to put one together down there. April 5th there is one up here in La Verne, Last I heard it was full but they we looking at rearranging the setup area to try and squeeze in a few more teams. I would suggest attending some of the comps out here (a list of Ca. comps can be found at to get a feel for them, maybe show up around 9am and volunteer to help in the judging tent. Also I highly recommend becoming a Certified BBQ judge (CBJ) and judging a couple events to become familiar with what competition BBQ is. If you are interested, there is one CBJ class coming up and it might be the only one out here this year.


Riverside, CA
Starts: 03/15/2014
Ends: 03/15/2014

Contact Information:
Jim Palmer
Phone: 714-319-1782


This will be our Rookie season, our first comp is March 1st at Havasu Landing. I wanted to just jump in and start cooking but my wife suggested we take the steps above, which we did, and I think we have a better chance than just jumping in blindly. Good luck, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

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Do you have any more information?  It's been a year and a half?



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