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I'm going with lots of  'teasers and finger foods


Starting with various vegis with a apricot ginger dipping sauce (made in a crock pot) and sliced smoked salmon & avocado wraps when people arrive.  Home made Swedish meatballs come out around kickoff, closely followed by some smoked jalapeno armadillo eggs.  Near the end of first quarter, bring out a baked brie with honey, walnuts all baked in a puff pastry shell, with slices of apples and French bread to serve it on, along with some crab & cheese baked in pastry shells.  At half time, the baby back ribs come off the smoker.  I'll have some home made raspberry chipotle BBQ sauce for those who don't want to eat their ribs naked.  Then, just to make sure there is no room left in any tummies, desert is a homemade dark chocolate and orange fondue with fruit and pound cake cubes to dip in the chocolate sauce.


Towards the end of the game, jars of tums and wheelbarrow service out the door!


It will be fun - go broncos!

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i'm going with baby back ribs,going to try smoking some shrimp"never tried before" and i made some venison kielbasa i am throwing in the smoker also.

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Baby backs, spares, and brisket. And what's this sauce stuff some of you keep talking about? 

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Originally Posted by bigworm882001 View Post

Baby backs, spares, and brisket. And what's this sauce stuff some of you keep talking about? 

You got to have something to dip your fries in.  th_dunno-1[1].gif



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Going to a pot luck party. Making hickory smoked Bacon wrapped meatballs with a teriyaki BBQ sauce. Easy finger food to sit on the couch with and not messy.
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I am cooking the cherry bombs Subday. I plan to make about 36 with one whole habanero and 36 with only 1/2 pepper. I am also making 36 wings with injections of Franks wing sauce and 36 with teriyake sauce.
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I'll be doing a 8 pound boneless pork shoulder and a few dozen wings on the wsm
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south dakota here,10degrees little to chilly to be smoking, just some dips (brother in law) and chips. 

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We're doing most of the cooking for the game today, even eating some of the goodies.  Started with the Santa Maria tri tip, making what we call mock fajitas.  Rubbed with chipotle infused olive oil and Scott's Santa Maria seasoning, our favorite store bought Santa Maria rub.  Smoked at 280F for only an hour to an IT of 133.  When I went to reverse sear it on the gas grill the gas grills hood fell off!  Ended up only searing them for a couple minutes a side.  I let them rest for two hours on the counter under towels, frankly because I fell asleep and forgot about them!  Served on flour totillas with pico de gallo (wife's) plus sour cream (mine).  Wow, they were tender and yummy!  Pics below.


The Mexican barbacoa chuckie is now off the smoker and resting.  Injected with melted butter and a little seasoning salt; rubbed with chipotle chili infused olive oil then with a rub of Mexican oregano, black pepper, garlic powder, chili powder, and kosher salt.  Smoked to an IT of 160 then wrapped with fresh salsa and canned pickled jalapenos and carrots until IT was 200.  Smoked at 280F and the 3.5 lb'er was done in just under 4 hours.  When I walked into the house with the wrapped chuckie my wife caught a wiff and said "Dang you smell good!"  She always knows exactly what to say.  We'll make shredded beef tacos out of that chuckie.  Pics to follow.  (Update: see last pic.  OMG IT IS DELICIOUS!  Like Mexican smoked pot roast with a kick!  Sliced it up and poured the juices back over it.  Wow.  Thanks to Jeff for the butter/seasoning injection idea; some online guy named "Red Apple Guy" for the rub recipe; and my twisted brain for the chili oil/salsa/pickled jalapenos and carrots.  That part internet part me recipe is a keeper!)





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Originally Posted by Noboundaries View Post





Mmmmmm........... Wish I would've thought of that.

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Going to try some of the bacon wrapped shrimp, recipe off the site here. Will do some wings, still enjoy them breaded and deep fried and dredged in special sauce. Now I must say to 2010ultra in SD we'll be lucky to hit 10 degrees here in MT, but we must be a bit tougher. devil.gif
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I am taking the CB I just finished to eat while we are around the pit doing everything else. We have a wild game (beast feast) every year. For an appetizer we take goose breast and and cut it into 1" cubes, marinate it in a chipotle pepper marinade. Once out of the marinade each piece gets a pat of cream cheese, a slice of pickled jalapeño, wrapped in bacon, toothpicked, and grilled until the bacon is crisp. For the main course we are grilling mallard breast fillets, venison steaks and burgers, and smoking a couple of rabbits. And call me crazy but I kept the ribs out of my doe this year, so we are going to try and smoke those as well. I brined them in saltwater for a couple of hours this morning, rinsed them well, rubbed them up with Jeff's naked rub, and wrapped in Saran Wrap.

The plan is to smoke at 200° for 2 hours spritzing often with apple juice, then foil with apple juice for 2 hours, then another hour no foil. I have never done venison ribs so if anyone has any suggestions on cook time speak up!
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Kamado Joe is smokin' a 9lb Brisket and two 8lb Butts, I'm smokin' a Perdomo, who's up with me?

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Taking my skills (or lack thereof) to my brother's SB Party.  First time using an electric vertical smoker (I use a Brinkmann Gourmet typically).  We prepped 2--8lb. Briskets and 6 racks of Baby Backs yesterday.  Serving some "maple syrup bacon" wrapped over chicken breasts for a sampler throughout the day.  Stopped at the local Meat Palace for Pepper Jack Filled Brats--will grill them up around 10am for a breakfast snack (Prilosec?).  Butcher insisted we try 2--lbs. of their marinated boneless ribs so those will be served as a sampler with the chicken breasts...oh man is it gonna be a fun filled day...GO BRONCOS!!!

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I am doing a 9lb pork butt and wings. Put the butt in yesterday at 4:30pm at 225 gonna check it when I get home in the morning from work at 6am.
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Not sure what you would call them... Variation on moink balls. Hot italian sausage shaped into meatballs and stuffed with a chunk of chipotle cheddar cheese, then wrapped in bacon. Bringing them to a friends for an appetizer.
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Rolled me a fatty stuffed with mozzarella chess, mushrooms and babe spinach. Wrapped in a bacon weave. Also a track of beef ribs. First time trying both so hope it come out ok.
Go Texans? LOL

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I am about to start rolling out dough for philly cheese steak smoked gouda pie bites. I did a sirloin tip in the weber kettle last weekend for this. I will post pics when done. Oh, and of course ABT's. Gotta have some poppers. GO SEAHAWKS cheers.gif

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I did these Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites yesterday. Will be a good snack for the game.




I also will be snacking on Smoked Cheese and some Pepper Jelly we make.




And of course a lot of these


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Here's the Cookshack 150 working.

Experimenting with fat side up or down.

Here's the bottom brisket fat side down.

Here's the upper brisket fat side up.

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