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First pork shoulder

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OK, yesterday we put a 6# pork shoulder on the MES 30.  We used our favorite rub which seems very much the same as many here use.


We started it at 11:00 AM at 225.  We cooked it to an IT of 190 and I have to say it took way longer than we thought.  It came off the smoker at 9:00 PM.


We pulled it and served on toasted garlic buns.


It was awesome!




This was just incredible!



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Congrats on your first shoulder. Glad it came out for you. Nice looking bark! Doesn't look like your first one!

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Looks good! Nice bark! I have learned in my limited experience that at 225 you have to bet on at least 2 hours a pound.
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I can almost smell it through the screen... nice job for your first shoulder!


Don't be too surprised if/when a 6# bone-in butt takes 12+ hours smoke @ low temps around 225* or so...

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We have determined that with four people and wanting left overs for two days 6# is not enough.


We have one more to do since they cam in a two pack at Costco.  Next is a brisket.  Gotta find one I like and a recipe.


I will likely do some cheese tomorrow and check the butcher shop for a nice brisket.  If it is too much I am going to try a spatchcock chicken.


I do love this hobby.  So too does the family.  There are just so many things I want to try.  I need to get my hands on some good seafood so a trip to Vegas is in order to the seafood market.  For the rest to keep cost down, I am just going to have to build some corrals and get a beef and a pig and a lamb.  Maybe some chickens and of course Pheasant!


I just gotta get rich or sell my 65 Mustang.  (Not likely)



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When the cook says, that what he cooked was not enough, I think you must have done a good job!


BTW here's my rule of thumb on timing (guesstimation)  If you are cooking low and slow, >230 estimate 2 hours per pound., if using the also newly approved fast method, estimate 1 1/2 hours/pound.


Also if you are cooking in an electric smoker and are one of those who like to peek, check, mop, spritz, sauce, poke and prod, add another 1/2 hour/pound.


AND whatcha gonna do with peasants? Make 'em feed and clean the stalls? Its illegal to have peasants anymore.... Wait, what? Pheasants not peasants? Nevermind........

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