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First Pork Butt Competition Box

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So I am practiceing for my first competition the end of may. This is my first box I have ever put together. It is a pork butt box I was just wondering what ya'll thought of it. I cant get better without critisism so dont hold back....I'm gonna get that rino skin, keep the feelings out and actually listin to what you got to say.

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  It looks good. Do you know what the judges will be expecting? Do they want sliced or pulled pork? If it is fork tender it may not matter. Is this a 'sanctioned' event? A few more details and we can help you more. Either way, Best of Luck in the event!



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First thought was "what, no pulled?" Other than that looks good.
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it will be a KCBS scantioned event...and I realized that I needed six portions...I had no idea where the money muscle was but checked it out and next one I do I'm gonna use it for the medalians and do some pulled. I thought that it was missing also

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I think it looks great, I'am not a judge but I'am betting that is some good eatin... Never competed, though would some day like too... I wish ya the best of luck and let us know how it goes. WHB
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I sure will it will be about 6 months but I am in full practice mode...I built a new RF smoker just for this and I got it operational not to long ago so I've been using that....

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