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OK found 2 BRAND NEW 55 gallon drums as you can see one has bung holes and the other doesnt. Now off to get more parts...

Total cost to date $0.00






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Great way to start.

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Are they done yet????
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Looking forward to seeing your build, then some good 'ole BBQ sausage.gif WHB
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This may be a DUMB question but do I still need to do a COMPLETE BURN since these are new raw drums? Or just run some wood throught them to season them? :33:

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I would just run a normal basket of fuel and some wood. Heck I'd even this a chicken or two in there after it gets up to temp!
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Thanks just wanted to make sure...

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Nope. Just run a load of charcoal through it to give it a seasoning.

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I had mine (food drums that had bags of food dye in them) sandblasted. That takes all the junk out of it and off of it. I did a burn of charcoal in it and then cooked a butt for six hours. That left a nice oil char in it that has lined it every since. No rust and no cleaning after that, just lots of cooking. I would say that these pristine drums would be as easy as that for you as well. Cooking a chicken in it when you season it is a good idea. Mixing a little bit of grease from the bird with that char smoke gives you a nice season on the inside of the drum, then the trick is to cook often which won't be a problem once you taste product from a UDS. It is the way to cook and the coolest thing you will ever make. We use ours every single week no matter the weather or the temp. I did three racks of ribs last weekend in four and a half hours and it was 5 degrees outside at the time. Absolutely no problem keeping it at 250 even with two of the vents closed. They are simply cooking machines.


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Ok finally finished my Charcoal Basket... (minus handle):yahoo:


I used a 4ft x 4ft section of expanded metal. I cut it down to 1ft x 4ft formed a cylinder and used stainless steel bolts nuts and washers. For the bottom i cut a round piece and used steel wire to tie it together. ( weld free basket ).This was actually easy if you dont over think it.


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Ok my first UDS is almost done... all i have left is to install my handles and drill my inlet holes... then I will do a burn out and hopefully my first cook sunday..





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