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ABT question

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I made pulled pork on the weekend and have some left over. I want to use them to make ABTs but I fear it will dry out, do you guys put left over pulled pork in them or put it on near the end? Newb question I know.
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 If you want to use pulled pork in ABT's, I would suggest putting in a small amount then adding the cream cheese on top. Sounds interesting. Let us know how it turns out!



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Thanks for the replies, Ill post some pictures when they are done
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Similiar to dirtsailor, but I cream my meat and cheese mixture together.  Always cover with a slightly cooked piece of bacon.

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Did it once.  Cheese, a little pork on top, wrapped in bacon.  Turned out good.

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Try These...They are Great!



21  Jalapenos

1    Block Cream Cheese

1T  Neely's Rub*

1    Can Minced Clams

1t   Minced Garlic

1    Handful Crumpled Blue Cheese

1    Handful Chopped Mushrooms

1T  Honey


*Neely's Rub


1/2 C Paprika

1/4 C White Sugar

1t      Onion Powder





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