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Another Beer Can Chicken.

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Off from work, lakes are frozen over, no Stripers around, and no hunting on Sundays...What am I to do?


Beer can chicken!


Started by brining it for 6 hours. The brine was your basic brine with some generic poultry seasoning and a splash of lemon juice added to it. I'm using the gas grill, smoker is buried in a beautiful snow/ice mix. I seasoned it with Myron Mixons' "The only other rub you'll ever need" rub. Made a packet of some Mesquite chips to give it a little smoke. And threw on some taters for a side dish, they were rolled in olive oil and sprinkled with salt. Put them on about a hour before I planned on serving, believe it or not the grill makes a good baked potato, just flip it half way through or you'll get that nasty hard pad on the bottom.


If anyones interested I have a old Coleman grill with three burners running back to front. I leave the center one off and put the chicken over it. The other two I leave on the lowest setting. Put the potatoes over either one thats lit. And I put the packet with wood chips on the heat shield over either lit burner.




Sitting pretty on a can of Bud, I promise the can is there, this was the smallest bird in the store when I went.



Done. Took a little over 2 hours. Pulled it at 160* and tented it with foil and let carry over bring it to 167*.


All plated up:






Got a dutch oven pork shoulder planned for tomorrow. I'll post that up if anyone is interested.

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Nice looking chicken there!!
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Thanks! The skin, while being tasty, was a little chewy. It was a roaster so I think that it was just a old bird. Had a great smoke flavor to it and the brining made the whole bird extremely juicy. Made a salad out of the leftovers and that was great to.

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