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Help! With Ribs & Chicken Cook

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Hey guys,


I have a MES30" smoker, and I've got to cook 2 half chickens and a rack of baby backs.


If I was doing just the ribs....I would go 2-2-1 method at 225 degrees.


When/How does the chicken play in?  Will this extend cooking time? Etc...


Any info will be helpful.  Thanks!

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the larger piece of meat will take x amount of time and the smaller will take less. I would suspect all to be done about the same time with what you have going on. I would put the ribs above the chicken as well. Also you might think about brining that poultry. You can figure about an hour and a half for each pound but would want to go by internal temperature on the chicken for sure. If you have two 5 pound chickens figure for 5 pounds not ten. Hope this helps.

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Have you done this smoke yet?  I read this as you have 1 - chicken cut in half.  There is no way that the chicken will take as long as the ribs.  Chicken doesn't have to breakdown muscle tissue like pork.

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always put the chicken in the smoker so it will not drip on your other meats . its a cross contamination thing ......      Good Luck !

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