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Christmas Bird

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about 3/4 done
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I am sorry for taking over a post . I am a newbie and have issues. I am trying to smoke my first turkey ever. I borrowed my dads masterbuilt digital smokehouse. I preheated to 275 and when I put the 14lb turkey it the temp is dropping fast. It's down to 200 degrees and seems to keep going. Any suggestions plz.
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It will drop until you start getting the bird warmed up, I start my smoke hollow as hot as it will go then adjust once everything balances out inside. Should be at 140° internal temp within 4 hrs.
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Looking good Dustin, mines 3hrs in and I'm excited!!!
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It was realy good. Mine only took 3 1/2 hours.
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Wow, I did mine low n slow at 230, took me 9 hours...looks good.
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