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Ham for Christmas

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Dang it, I wanted to use the recipe that Jeff published in one of the news letters, but my pregnant daughter threw a fit because she doesn't want me to try something different.


I have only done two hams in my life!  How is it something different?  Sheesh!


So, I am going to rub it in my favorite rub and smoke it with pecan pellets. 


We are not much of a glaze person, so I won't be glazing it.  When I rub it should I score the ham so the rub gets in it?  I plan on smoking to an IT of 145* I am not sure how lone a 10# ham will take so we can plan all the other dishes.  any thoughts?


Thanks in advance.



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This link (below) could answer some of your questions


Yes score it---and the length of time depends on the smoker temp you use.




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