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My Smoke House Build

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Pretty sturdy are those rocks? What kind of wood is that?
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Nice Job, What kind of temps do you get in the smoker?
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Its a stone foundation. flat rock, it doesn't move.  Temps? well did some Chicken Thighs the other night and got her  up to 350 degrees, that was before a put the battens on the outside. The pipe is about 12 or 13 feet from the house so I can smoke cheese at low temp. Smoking Venison Kielbasa today for the Holidays. This is the fourth smoker I've built over the years and I think its pretty refined. Kick it up boys, smoke or be smoked.

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Nice looking smoke shack!
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Man ! Talk about building from scratch ! Cut down a tree to make some lumber ? Jeeze , I'm proud of myself when I go to HD and BUY lumber !
That is quite a creation , brother. sausage.gifsausage.gifsausage.gifsausage.gif
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Thank you, Homestead in the mountains of pa. so I do everything myself. Don't buy wood, Great satisfaction from pulling the trees out and building from scratch. Been smoking for many years and still learning from each experience. Today I'm smoking  Teriyaki flavored, jalapeno jack cheese, and garlic Kielbasa. Gotta get at it,     

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Very nice. I am about to start building a smoke house very similar to yours. I wish I had that nice of a mill. I have just a chainsaw mill but it works pretty good. I am going to be using poplar as the building material. I figure it should work pretty well considering all the old barns around here that have been standing for a 100 years were built with poplar.

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very nice setup!  i saw similar for the first time up in bc canada.  the guy built a 10x20 on top of a hill and ran pipe from the fire/smoke box from down below, 40 feet away.  this guy smoked fish/sausage and bacon year round.  he lived in the mountains so breeze was constant.  what a place, roughly 25 years ago.  yours looks great.

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How did I miss this beauty...... A real, old time smokehouse..... I love it.......

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Yep it's official I got to have one. Honey we are building a smoke house. Lol.
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This is beautiful.  Great photos too.  I want to build somethng like this.  i will be buying wood from HD though.  


I do have a question.  It looks like the firebox is underground.  Am I correct?  I've seen a number similar builds and they all seem to have the firebox under ground.  does the the fire box need to under ground?


It really is beautiful.

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Nice one!

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