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MES 40 Tray?

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Just replaced my MES30 with a nice MES 40 from Academy Sports.  THANK YOU BLACK FRIDAY!  Anyway, FINALLY getting around to setting it up today and found the chip tray to be tiny, similar, if not identical, to the original that came on the 30.  Folks, is this correct?  Does this smaller tray work well?  Do they still supply the larger tray for free?

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Have you thought about getting a AMNPS?
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Didn't just think, did.  I like the results, but I want to be able to use the chip tray if I choose.  Masterbuilt sent a replacement tray that covers the entire element.

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what model do you have was told would have to buy the bigger or full chip pan mine wasn't covered under the free replacement. Mines a 20070211
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