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Smoked Elves Ears....

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I went to my local Mexican market to pick up materials for a Christmas treat for a friends dog in the form of fresh pigs ears… Perhaps the ultimate puppy treat.

After smoking them for about three hours in Apple wood at about 150°, I pulled them and clipped them to my clothesline to dry out in the sun for a few days prior to bagging.

Yes, I know it looks a little macabre, but they DO look like elves ears, don't they?

I hope Santa isn't looking....

Smokey Dokey
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Mmmmm..... pig ear sandwiches! Ears are so versatile, head cheese, sandwich's, cooked with tails and/or backbones and greens, a nice Cajun party terrine, and now there is also the popular Moikel fried drippers! Lucky dog!


Elf ears? Only if their name is Bubba!

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Lucky dog :biggrin:,that wou

I am having trouble posting from home computer still trying o work out what's up.
That's one lucky pooch! Gets done here to but me & a bunch of Chinese people here eat them.
Par boiled cut into strips then fried crisp,dusted with spices wedge of lime. Hell of a bar snack.
Chinese poach them eat them cold in a salad style dish just for starters.
I buy them fresh .
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I realized that I misspoke in my original posting. I bought fresh ears, and then smoked and dried them. I edited my original post.

Here in Phoenix, Pig now King. We have some very creative chefs who used every part of the Swine to a delectable finish. Trotters (feet) ears, snouts, jowls, all get a fair shake. It's pretty cool.
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It is fun to see folk use every part of the pig indeed! And I think the ears hanging look like art! (Octopus hanging make me smile greatly too). Cheers!!! - Leah

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I'm glad to report that the pup in question was delirious with glee when presented with the elf ears.... She even fell asleep using one as a pillow... Hilarious!
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LOL.... my neighbors dog knows when he sees me near the smoker now and starts whining. It's kind of funny, big huge Rottweiler but he knows the smoker. Its where he gets the smoked skin sometimes.


Really cool to fix up your neighbors dog.

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