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Super job, !!

I was supposed to make mine today but my casings didn't make on UPS :icon_cry:. Gonna grind tomorrow. Yours really look nice. Congrats !!:Looks-Great:

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Dirtworldmike and Reinhard, yes I def need a stuffer. I think it would be a lot easier, or faster to clean up than the grinder too.

Reinhard, Those sticks are the way of a buddy at work likes to do them. I have a tube with my Lem jerky gun, and I have a little bit of meat left. I think I'm going to finish it like that to take to work.

Hoity and Dried Stick, Thanks for the compliments. I feel like I made some good progress here. My next project is going to be the venison bacon recipe on here. I just got to get the spice kit from Curleys.

Jerky nut, That looks great. Glad I could inspire you lol.

I had some venison maple breakfast sausage this morning. Not smoked, but great taste and easy to make and goes real good with eggs.

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Andy you will like the bacon seasoning pac from Curley's.  I do both the loaf form and in a fibrous casing for summer sausage with it. Probably the most popular thing i make for family and friends now. I did tweek it for summer sausage with garlic, crushed red pepper, and mustard seeds. Reinhard

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That looks good Reinhard,  I never thought to make bacon from ground venison, of course I don't really care too much for my bologna fried it's way too sweet. Hows that bacon turn out salty or does it have more of a sweet flavor?

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Still waiting for venison from my brother [he lives in northern Mn.--i didn't get one this year].  The loaf i made out of beef chuck with no fat added.  Chuck normaly has enough for me for things like summer.  I tried a fried piece and it had good flavor but it was too lean for frying in my opinion.  So i tried it cold and that's all it took for me to make it into fibrous casings next time.  That i tweeked some but did use beef chuck again which was perfect for it.  i will do it in a loaf style for bacon again but will go with straight pork butt next time for a little more fat for frying.  i measure out the seasoning for 5 pound batches to try things out before making a 25 pound batch. I'm ordering a pack for 100 lbs next.  This way i can make a variety with "just as is"  or tweeked batches.  Reinhard

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Reinhard, That does look great! I'm stoked now to make it that way. I will try it both ways.

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Jerkey Nut, sorry i forgot to tell you it has a nice smoky flavor "as is" or tweeked [cherry chips helped also]. Reinhard

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