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New to the forums

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I have been smoking for years. I just got a double door insulated stainless steel food cart from the hospital looking to make a cold on one side heated on the other. Any help will be treasured.

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Glad you joined us Big Fatdaddy! welcome1.gif
Personally I have never found myself both cold smoking and smoking a cook at the same time; any reason not to just remove the partition in the food cart and modify the food cart to perform either function you choose?
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texas.gifHello and welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.   



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Hey Big! Glad to have you here. Marty made a very interesting statement in asking the question he did. My suggestion would be to make both sides a heated unit and then when you want to cold smoke, get an Amazing Pellet Smoker from Todd Johnson (he carries different sized trays) to create your smoke.

Be sure to post up your build in the Build Section with lots of pictures-shoot, we'll provide our own popcorn to munch on while we watch!

Enjoy the Smoke!
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Welcome from Canada.


As a relatively new smoker, I look forward to your posts on your smokes and your build.



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I have heard that fish can linger so my thoughts was two 24x22x5 chambers as it has an insulated wall between them that contains the door lock handles. I can make both sides hot if that would be better. It has nine shelves on each side. I need to really look at temp control and and fuels. I would like to have one side or both thematically control. Started out just doing venison and jerky now I look at everything with a smokey eye. I needed something larger so it doesn't get ate in a day!  

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