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hog casings

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This is my question. I have been using collegen casing for the last 5 yrs. I ran out of 34 mm casings and my order had not come in yet so I went to my butch and he gave me 35 mm hog casings. I was trying to stuff them but they kept blowing apart on me. It seems I can get 2 or 3 links and then they burst. I would like to add natural casing to my fresh sausages instead of using just collegen or my fiberous casings. I will take any help.
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Are you twisting off the stuffing tube or twisting after its been stuffed in the casings.....

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Did you rinse your hog casings and then let them sit in water for a few hours or overnight to soften them up? Perhapst you stuffed the casings too full? Was the stuffing tube wet to keep the casings lubricated as your stuffing?  Another thing is that after putting the casings on did you pull the casings to the front of the tube for an easy flow? Just a few ideas. Reinhard

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Ok, i twist after it has been stuffed. the casings were pre tubed i never soaked them or rinsed them. i kept the stuffing tube well wet. no i never pulled it forward.
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probably filling your casings too full ....... you dont want them stetched tight ......... they will tighten up when you twist them into links .

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I always soak mine in luke warm water after rinsing while I'm getting everything else ready which is probably at least an hour or so and I never have issues with them blowing out. I do buy them locally and the are refrigerated and packed in salt, not the dry shelf stored type sold at Gander Mountain and department stores, never had good luck with those.

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ok thanks. I will try and let them soak. I didn't think i was over filling them, I filled them the same as i did my collagen casing.
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First I rinse the crap out of them?


Next, I like to soak them in water with just a little vinegar in them for an hour or two and rinse again.


Keep them SUPER wet until you get them on the stuffing horn.


Tie off the end.  Then stuff the whole gut.


Do not over stuff.  Just kinda firm with no air bubbles. (technical description right there?)


Tie off the other end.  Then twist into links.


With a little (OK a lot) of practice, that worked for me.


Exploding links usually mean over stuffed.  As flimsy as those guts seem, they are amazingly tough!


Good luck and good smoking.

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like everyone said about soaking... If the casings are packed is salt, Soak for about 24 hrs changing the water frequently. You want to get them silky smooth and white. If you Still have blow outs and the casings are not stuffed too tight then the quality of the casings is probably the issue..........

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