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First smokes turkey

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Tried my first Turkey in the Mastebuilt today, turned out great. I kept it simple and just injected with some Stubbs and rubbed down with some butter and Durkee beer can chicken spices. Local supermarket had fresh birds clearance for .60 a pound so I couldn't resist a 13 pound for under $9.00. We made some fries and onion rings with it to be different. Turned out really juicy and great flavor. Smoked at around 275 for 4.5 hours. Used a mixture of sassafras, cherry and hickory wood chips.

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That looks awfully good to me! So now you thinking turkey or ham smoked for Christmas?

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Nice job! Can't beat the price either, I may have to run to the store tomorrow!
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I am thinking of trying a ham for Christmas, I haven't tried one yet and I love ham. My wife doesn't like ham so I will probably throw on a chicken for her. What is the best type of ham to get get for the smoker? It looks like most of them are preflavored or already smoked.
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