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Mine was left in the primary for about 3 months then in the secondary for 6 months. I then racked to another carboy to polish it, bottling it a couple weeks later. The first bottle was drank early, still have one bottle left which has been in the bottle about 2 years.
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Primary 30 days, 2ndary 30 days then bottled. Tasted leftovers right away, pretty good. Opened a bottle after 2 months, what a difference, much more balanced. You could drink it all right away but try to wait.
Make a different batch when finished so you can space them out
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I had really good success using 18lbs. Of blackberry honey, cotes de blanc yeast, an acid blend and yeast nutrients. Primary for 1-2 mo. Secondary for 6mo. Then racked into another carboy until I had 20mo age on it. I would say it probably peaked from about 15-20mo. It's still drinking great. Cheers!
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