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1st time smoking a small cured ham

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I'm brand new to smoking(got my 30" Masterbuilt digital electric smoker last week, smoked 3 times) and have a 1/2 dozen small cured hams jn the freezer. Since my wife and I are the only in the house, since the kids are grown, when we butcher a hog, we have the packer cure the hams, bone in, and cut them small (about 3 to 3 1/2 lbs each). So, now that I have a smoker, I'm digging thru the freezer for things to smoke.

Suggestions? Smoke time, foil...don't foil, rest. Like I said, I'm brand new to this. The unwritten "rule" on our farm is, "I birth it,feed it, kill it and she cooks it." Now, I have a new hobby, so "smoke it" falls under my part now. So, not only am I new to smoking, I'm new to cooking, too. So, when I say "suggestions", I really mean, "take me by the hand and walk me thru it." Sorry!
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No one?
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Sorry, I would like to help but have no experience with hams. Try the search bar on top of the page. I am pretty sure that will help. Good luck.

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Have you done this yet?  I have done several "twice smoked" hams.

1) Since it has been previously cured/smoked, smoke for no longer than an hour

2) Ham dries out quickly, wrap for the finish cook.

3) Put ham in foil pan, glaze and cover in pineapple rings uncovered to finish

4) Cook temp should be similiar to cooking temp on ham package, around 275 degrees. (15 minutes per pound is approx.)

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I've done a number of twice smoked or double smoked hams and my basic process is to smoke it at 225° for 25 to 30 minutes per lb. until internal temp on the ham shows 135°. Remove and FTC the ham for 1-2 hours. When doing this after removing the ham from the smoker, it will climb up to 145° internally.

If you intend to glaze the ham, apply the glaze 2-3 times during the last hour of cooking time. Glazing compound can burn, so do not start glazing the ham until the internal temp of the ham reaches 115°.

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Well, the way I did it was:

Injected about 7oz of my home brew inject. Then smoked over hickory at 225 for 2:05, 'til IT was 140. Pulled it, double foil wrapped, thick towel wrapped, placed in preheated cooler chest for 1 1/2 hrs. Then out of foil, into a tupperware container, into the fridge. The next day, it was sliced and consumed nearly as fast as I could slice it. It was very moist, nice smoke. Very good.

I know, I pics, it didn't happen. But, one thing at a time. Figure the smoking thing out, then pics. lol
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Another one to try is pulled ham. Cook it like pulled pork. Smoke till 165 IT, wrap in foil and take it to 195. Into the cooler and rest. Take it out after an hour or 2 and shred it. Good stuff!

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