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Back to making TBS and smoky goodness

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Good after noon fellow smoke hounds,


My first of 2 turkeys and a ham is in the smoker as I type this. I wanted to have the first on in mid morning but Murphy’s Law kept me from it. I haven’t run the smoker in almost a year due to no time.  I cleaned the smoker up late last week and everything was fine.  Today I couldn't get it to temp.  I took the burner assembly all apart and cleaned it again, still would not get to temp.  I thought the regulator had crapped out on me, so I swapped regulators from turkey fryer.  Still wouldn't get to temp.  I thought the gas valve had a restriction in it, as I had low flame.  I was searching for who had a smoker or valve when I remembered I had a bad tank do this to me. I switched out to my spare tank and that fixed my problem.  Why I didn't think of that sooner is beyond me.:hit:


I ordered a 12” smoking tube from Todd and that thing is the cat’s meow. I have it in a 250 - 275 smoker and it’s just chugging away putting out the TBS(thin blue smoke). After 2 hours I’m about 1/2 way through it.  I HIGHLY recommend you get one if you have a propane smoker. I have it placed on my sand filled water pan, with the drip pan on next rack above, and it works BEAUTIFUL in this position. My side vents are open just a touch for air.


I will post all about the smoke in another thread later, along with Qview.


Happy Smoking and Happy Thanksgiving,


AKA Sprky

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I've worked in I.T. for 23 years, and I can tell you it's human nature to assume the complex answer before the simple one, lol.

Best of luck with the smoke! Be sure and post some Q-view.
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In the Navy it was "F.I.T." First Indication of Trouble. If you flip the switch and the motor doesn't start check the switch before you start rebuilding the motor.


I am pretty impressed you'd think to change the tank! That would have taken me a week to find anyway.


Glad you're rolling !

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