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Oak smoking wood

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What kind of flavor does oak give off.



I always thought it would be real strong.


I have access to alot of dead red and white oak.

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Do it. Bro in law does nothing but, which is about all he's got around there. Always good. Like fruit wood mixed in with mine. To tell the truth I like fruitwood all the way, but have nothing against oak or any hard wood. Not a specialist mind you, but it is all good to me.

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Thanks.  Keep in mind I use hickory for everything.


Which I cut on the farm.


I have alot of standing red and white oak too.

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I use oak and hickory for everything.
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Hello Adam.  If you use a lot of hickory you will be good with oak.  I don't think it's quite as strong as hickory.  Oak and cherry make a good mix.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!


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Thanks Danny.

I use hickory for everything. Unless I am smoking food for others.
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Never used oak except old whiskey barrels.

Does it matter what type oak it is??
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I am going to try some white oak this weekend.

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Guess i will mix red oak and cherry.
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I don't guess it does. Bro in law just cuts down oaks, and there are so many species who knows, it taste fine. What I do figure is that white oak smells alot like pecan.

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I hope it does taste like pecan.
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Took some oak flooring off a job and just threw one in a fire for burgers and that is what i smelled.

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Sweet. I am going to do a stuffed pork loin tomorrow and am going to try it.
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I will use oak on pork quite often. It is, in my opinion, quit a mild smoke.

Do it..........oak is good.


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Well I smoked a pork loin this weekend with white oak.




photo adamphone145_zps78361481.jpg


Gave real nice flavor and color.

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Hello, just found the site and joind looks like I will learn a lot here my first post, I have a lot of red oak planer shaveings from a wood project I saved in anticipation, also have a lot of hedgeapple (osage orange) wood around good to use? Just took a hog in for butcher yesterday looking forward to trying my first smokeing bacon.

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Talob, jump into roll call to introduce yourself and what type of smoker you have and location so others will be able to help.



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I will be using red oak for a brisket smoke this weekend.  Will be my first time using oak.  I've heard that red oak gives beef a great flavor and color.  We'll see!

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Let us know how it turns out.


I have been using white oak.

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I'll have some Q-View going.  It will go on about midnight Friday for a Saturday evening supper.

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