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Pecan is very good and Cherry works well also if you have access to it.

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Lots of good info here guys (and gals?).  Any ideas on starting the turkey breast side down before turning it over after the first hour or so??

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I think next time I'll go breast side down  at the start for at least 1 1/2 hours judging from the juices that accumulated in the cavity. I injected the breast from the inside, which I think helped it retain it's juices when I turned it over. Also in my wsm, I think 275 instead of 300 will work better. The darkened skin, I think was caused by excessive smoke ( as someone suggested) and heat caused by a flare up of the wood chunks early in the smoke. I think a couple of small chunks of hickory would be all that's required and let the smoke die down before puttin the turkey in. Mine was still smokin too much when I put the turkey on. The skin was black and bitter even with the added apple. But the meat was a good mild smoky flavor still. I guess the skin sealed and protected the meat from absorbing too much smoke. I pulled it when the breast was 165. The legs were 180 and the thighs were 155. My question is.. will foiling work to prevent overcooking of the legs and breast to get the thighs up to temp or am I goin to have to cut the bird up as different parts get done? I really don't want to compromise the temp of the breast to get the thighs completely cooked. I know quite a few of you cooked birds yesterday and today so please let me know what you did.

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