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pork sirlion tip roast

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today i will be smoking just over a 2lbs piece, slowly under mesquite smoke, thin and blue...i rub it with a sweet mesquite from kirkland signature...i have used this rub with a small pork lion i did a few weeks ago, and the wife is still telling me it was the best piece of meat she has ever had...i also used this rub on chicken wings that i smoked for almost 3 hours last week, and they were perfect!!


i will be doing the wings again later today, since the Broncos are playing, and wings and perogis are are game day meal...and so far, it has been working, so it is only weird if it doesn't work...


pictures of another perfect smoke to follow...


smoke on, eat strong!!



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Hello.  Smoke on brother.  I am impressed.  Being from Tx., I would eat cardboard smoked with Mesquite but I know it is not to everyone's taste. Good for you, and if the wife is happy, Job Done.  Keep Smokin!


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:drool:Looks GREAT! Nice smoke ring.

Happy smoken.


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Looks tasty!
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