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"Goliath's" 1st smoke .... A PORK LOIN !!

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Well after waking up to a few inches of snow today i decided to start up GOLIATH my new smoker a little early so as to get it up to temp FOR HIS 1ST COOK/SMOKE... went into the shop and the and the brand new Auberins PID was dead. thought i froze it BUT was the fuse. PANIC CITY ... cant read the size of fuse, went to Canadian tire, Wally World, then came back to look at the manual... nowhere in the manual does it say what the fuse size is so off i go knowing i can run 13 amps at 120v. i live in a very small town and 1 store that had electronics was open and i picked up a 10 amp fuse , same size and it worked ... this of course was after i went thru the guantlet, no sand on the roads, sheer ice, hit a curb and bumped off a hubcap... AND I HAVE A BIG 4 X 4 HA HA HA.


put a mix of chips and sawdust in my smoke generator and now it wants to be a &**%$#@(  but got that figured out and SMOKING AWAY WE DID,

i had brined a whole pork loin, and saw on the site someone had made smoked scalloped potatoes so i made that up too in my regular style.

at the end of the day when my IT hit 148 i wrapped it, took out the spuds and as i write this it is resting in foil.


thought i would show ya the yard 1st ..  ha ha ha

Goliath's smoke stack outta my shop door

scalloped spuds on top, and the loin

close up of the loin, Auberins probe in 1 and a Maverick in the other, 1 to 2 degrees difference the whole smoke so that is awesome !!!!

and there is the final product on a roller chest in the shop......

NOW TO TASTE ...  :0)

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Hey Rat

Looks remarkably like my place out in the bush outside of Drayton Valley, Ab   We must have got the same storm.   I took off yesterday to go to town and ended up parallel parked off the side of my driveway less than 1/4 mile from the house--tractor time(wasn't real pleased cause I had to walk the 1/4 mile back)


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im in northwest BC on the skeena river, TERRACE ... you albertans over run us in the summer for the salmon fishing ...   LOL

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Tasty looking Smoke there! Great color on those loins!
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I know what you mean about the Albertans. I live in Cranbrook and Highway 3 can be more Alberta plates than BC in the summer. Fortunately, they are nice folk.


Your loins are looking good. I suspect you will be eating well!



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Nice 1st smoke! I had the exact same thing happen to me with my Auberins on my very first smoke. I believe the fuse was a 20 amp, and I couldn't find any around here. Had to buy some on ebay. 

But Auberins had me send the whole unit back; they say that when the fuse blows, it damages the unit. (Which, I thought that was what the fuse was there for in the first place, to stop damage.)

But anyway, you might want to contact them and see what they say.


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we're just a little short of salmon out here  LOL


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