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Ok here we go, starting with 5lbs venison, 2lbs ground chuck, 3lbs pork belly.
Theory: Make a hot and sour dark red sausage to separate the men from the boys.

10 lbs ground meat 70/30 to 60/40
8 Tbl Paprika
6 Tbl course ground black pepper
4 Tbl Cayenne
6 Tbl uniodized/canning salt
2 Tbl Dextrose/Karo clear corn syrup
6 Tbl Minced Garlic
2 Tbl Minced Onions
3 Tbl Encapsulated Citric Acid
2 tsp Cure #1
2 Cups White Vinegar
2 Cups Water

I will update with stuffing picks as it happens tomorrow. Only grinding done today. Wish me luck.

More qview to come.
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cant wait to see the results
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I'm in looks to be a good start :pepsi:

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Looks good so far


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I was only able to get 5lbs stuffed. Cooked up test patty and tasted wonderful but crumbled. Recipe mods will probably reducing liquids and adding binder.

More qview tomorrow
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They sure look great and boy you sure can not turn down the great help,,, teachin them young is the best ,,, great they will be gone way too soon looks great

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Yep great little meat mixers. Madison ain't no yuppie girl! Just fired up smoker 2:05.
Let the qview begin.
Starting at 120 for 1hr no smoke need to dry casing.

5 hrs in with 3 hrs smoke, got some air pockets. Smells great.

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Whooooohooo they r all done. Final qview

Tastes great. Soury twang followed by heat only real problem is crumbly with air pockets/loose casings in spots.
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might be a little crumbly, but do they ever look GOOD


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looks great =very nice job

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The crumbly texture is probably due to too much vinegar in the mix. It prevents a good bind and thus a crumbly texture.

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