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GMG Jim Bowie

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It has been awhile since I've posted up here. We finally pulled the trigger on adding a pellet smoker to our collection. Right now the Bowie is on its legs but will eventually be mounted on our trailer alongside a stick burner. For the winter it will remain off the trailer so we can practice with it.


A couple of things I've noticed putting it together that will need to be resolved before mounting to the trailer. One is the open bottom on the control box. Can this be closed up to prevent water and debris from getting up there? Same with the bottom of the smoker chamber. It looks like there is a fan there so it doesn't look like it can get too tight.


Another thing I'd like to do is to put a couple of latches on the door to latch it shut during transport. Anyone have a good idea on how to do this?


Has anyone tried putting gasket material around the door to improve the seal? Or does it even matter?




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Hi, if you are on Facebook I would go to Green Mountain Grills corporate. And ask them. They are very helpful and proud of all the people using their grills in competition !
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