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Hi Leah!


The steaks look absolutely fantastic as usual.  


Case has it right....just turn down the temperature on your smoker.  Just keep the temp low on the smoker and don't let the IT of the steaks get over 90* IT.  That should give you plenty to work with!!!


Good luck next time around.



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Glad I started work today before you posted this... cuase normally you make me hungry all day..not today Leah.. not today... now im just hungry NOW....

THANKS biggrin.gif
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HI Moikel, that was well put!


Attached is a photo of the last time I cooked some kangaroo - (June 5th, and so I'm indeed due for more roo) - and that was grilled and charred wonderfully on the edges and then nice and rare in the middle and it was lovely.


It's hard to get here, and thus must be ordered in. You're so blessed with your access!


And here's to your Shiraz as well! Delicious stuff!


And Foamheart, I like that addition to David's shared saying! I'll remember to add that in when using that quip to order meat! Thank you!!!


Bill, your tips are appreciated too! That makes great sense! Many thanks!


And Ol' Mikey, if I made you hungry??? Well then how happy am I!


Cheers and happy Thursday to all! More simple smoked whiting is on deck for me today, though that is quite tasty (in my opinion too). Make today amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Warm wishes, Leah



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Wow, I am late to this party! The answers you have gotten so far are good ones. Partially frozen meat will allow for a Pit' Rare final product. For adding the smoke flavor keep the smoker as cool as possible, under 90°F. If you have 2 racks in your smoker a small fire to get your smoke wood going then a row of 24oz to 1L bottles of frozen water on the bottom shelf and the top shelf your meat, well seasoned with S & P. This setup will keep the temp below 90°F. You can now safely smoke the meat for up to 2 hours, which will get plenty of flavor on the meat. If the meat has defrosted completely, 30-45 minutes in the freezer wrapped will cool it down again. Most home broilers will not get nearly hot enough to do a proper Pit' Rare. The outside needs to be completely seared hard with a cool raw center. The two best techniques for this is a SCREAMING hot Cast Iron pan preferably one that will be ok with the seasoning burned off to the point that you get a bit of white ash in the bottom of the pan. This takes about 30 minutes on full blast, lots of smoke so a good hood is important. The second technique is to load a charcoal chimney with Lump Charcoal and get that going until the charcoal is white hot. At this point you can place a rack from the smoker on top of the chimney to grill the steaks or you can dump the charcoal into the fire pot of your smoker, blow any loose ash off the charcoal with a blow dryer and sear the meat directly on the burning charcoal. The meat will pick up very little ash if any and if there is a bit, a dust off with a pastry brush will remove any ash that may be there. Since the steaks are very cold you are cooking to the desired amount of Sear on the outside. Trying to get an IT is not really necessary but if you are going to check it, you are looking for an IT of 90°F or less...Have fun and enjoy your week...JJ

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Now I know how to play with fire!!! You're wild! Thanks dear Chef, as it is fun to have options.


I never use a blow dryer, (must be the only woman on the planet who doesn't) but enjoy scaring up the neighborhood with my incredibly early morning meals that are made outside; and so this could be quite dramatic, and even arty, and rather fun!


Meanwhile, thanks to all who added ideas - the frozen one is the easiest for me, and quickest, since I'm not sure I can take two hours to smoke food without interrupting that process and gallantly eating little snitches and samples - as I get hungry!!! BUT, I may just try each idea, and see what yields the best.


Such fantastic stuff here. Thanks very much. It's really appreciated! And to learn how to officially get "Pit Rare" and from a Pro, is a righteous honor! Thanks JJ! Cheers and happy Thursday to all!! - Leah

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What Moikel doesn't tell you is that he tenderizes his "Roo" by riding them around for awhile before smoking them!!


And Foamy: 

The first time I ever heard that saying about "Rare Beef" was from Woody Harrelson in the Movie "In a Cowboy Way". One of my favorite movies. Anyone who never saw it really should!!!




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Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post


What Moikel doesn't tell you is that he tenderizes his "Roo" by riding them around for awhile before smoking them!!


And Foamy: 

The first time I ever heard that saying about "Rare Beef" was from Woody Harrelson in the Movie "In a Cowboy Way". One of my favorite movies. Anyone who never saw it really should!!!




My dad was the other way. We would go to a cheap restaurant that specialized in steak and if it came with any moisture let alone any pink he would send it back saying "I've seen cows burnt worse than that get better."


As for Roo, I will have to hunt that down!



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Hilarious Disco!!! (I used to get downright MAD if someone cooked meat all the way through).


Now I practice tolerance. I wouldn't eat the meat cooked through mind you, as I need mine raw. But I am kinder about it all today, and try not to judge. Smiles.


Fantastic story!


And I haven't seen this "Cowboy" titled flick, Bear! Hence, it's added to the list!


Cheers to all! I'm posting something very special on Sunday, though in the fish category. - Leah

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Originally Posted by LeahOceanNotes View Post


And I haven't seen this "Cowboy" titled flick, Bear! Hence, it's added to the list!


Cheers to all! I'm posting something very special on Sunday, though in the fish category. - Leah


This should help:


starring Woody Harrelson and Kiefer Sutherland



The Cowboy Way [DVD]

The Cowboy Way (1994)

Free-wheeling action-comedy starring Woody Harrelson and Kiefer Sutherland as former rodeo companions from New Mexico who reunite to find a friend who vanished while searching for his daughter. Their quest leads to New York, where their tough cowboy ways don't always mesh with the city slicker lifestyle. Dylan McDermott, Ernie Hudson co-star. 107 min.
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Thanks Bear!


I just looked for it on "On Demand" TV rentals, and did not find it, but maybe it's hidden in some other section. I will however, keep it in mind for whenever I come across it!


Fantastic line about rare meat, that sure is!!!


Cheers to today! - Leah

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If I had the game you guys had I wouldn't eat much roo!I find that whole elk/moose thing fascinating. Its hard to explain how many roos are here.Stupid amounts of road kill,real traffic hazard. 

Eating them is not making much of a dent in the population:biggrin:

Wallaby is getting a toe hold but not in my state(illegal to hunt) ,its a bit of a Tasmanian thing. They smoke it too, I have read restaurant reviews but can't figure which species of wallaby.

I will do something game related soon. Working away for 2 weeks.

So I  can't post photos but I will be looking out for Leahs ocean bounty.:439:

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Hi Moikel and Happy November!!!!


That's interesting on the kangaroo abundance. If only a way to easily ship several zillion over here, I'd do my utmost best to assist Australia with its struggle!


Meanwhile, yes, plenty deer & moose - in the back yard even - and of course ocean animals in epic proportion, and so I'm grateful for what's here.


Have a fabulous two weeks of travel, and here's an amazing wish to all for a fantastic Friday today, and the best start to month so far!!


While every day is a holiday to me, the official "calendar season of such" has now started, and so here's to upholding that festiveness, via our glasses "half full," and plates emptied happily!!



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I will be living at my weekender & driving 10 minutes to work.Its a little fishing & oyster village on an inlet. Farm country is mostly dairy,some milking herds as big as 750 cows then scaling down to stud outfits of jersey,guernsey, holstein.

I am working towards doing some cheese making with all that milk on my doorstep.

Roo is tricky because its got to be processed from field shot in a hot climate,there is only really  2 cuts for humans,strip loin & rump ,the rest is pet food. Its got zero fat so you can't over cook  it.

There is a leather industry but its limited. 

I can post from there but not photos,so I can see every bodies efforts. I will do something for my friends down there & maybe turn it into a thread.

Last big effort was a really old school baby goat dish, Southern Italian style. I  will also be keeping an eye on what the trawlers & pole /trap boats are catching.

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That all sounds great Moikel! I look forward to hearing about what you eat and drink while there!


Meanwhile, yes, viva la goat!


I prefer goat cheese  - my favorite cheese in the world is a goat - ("Nevat" from Spain), or the whole roasted goat on a spit, as various parts of meat can just simply be tough on their own. But here is to GOOD goat therefore! And to GOOD all!


There is tons upon tons of grand GOOD in this world. And our job is to eat it in, drink it in, and value that every moment/experience too!


Cheers and Warm Wishes, Leah

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Originally Posted by Foamheart View Post

Leah my neighbor is like you. He always freezes his steaks for a few hours depending upon the thickness before cooking. He gets a beautiful skin char, and the fat is slightly rendered and has that brown crust while the center is red. I don't know about cold, but they are red. It also seems the pre-freeze cuases the blood to not drop while he cooks.


Simple and great idea ! Thx !


And Leah , your dish =


My kind of food !

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Thanks FrankBe! I like Foamheart's neighbor already!!!! Cheers to all! And Happy new week! - Leah

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The guys have given you several different ways of cooking your steak, all will work.  I will suggest a couple more different ways.  I had a customer who when visiting the area would order a Pittsburg steak.  To cook it, I would place it directly over the gas flame on the Viking stove until blackened, then put it in a lidded hotel pan with a shot of heavy smoke from my hand held smoker.  After a couple minutes it was then delivered to the table.  You do need a good exhaust fan for this method.   The more practical method for home use is to get a load of coals going in a bbq coal chimney as JJ suggested.  When it is burning super hot place a GrillGrate on top of the chimney, rib side down, allow to get very hot then sear the steak.  This will quickly sear the entire surface not just strips.  Smoke can be added before or after the cook depending on your equipment.    

Enjoy your day.


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Thanks very much Tom! It's great to get the scoop from all, and really learn how to do it wonderfully! Thank you for sharing!!! Cheers! - Leah

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Happy Saturday All!


I GRILLED this same meal tonight, and now, again, have the ever pressing quandary as to whether SMOKED bison steak, or GRILLED, is really better? Decisions, decisions, right?


Anyway, my vote is that the SMOKED steaks lend tons more aroma, and some musky and wonderful flavor. More flavor than grilled.


The GRILLED however, are much easier to do as I want them prepared; (seared black and blue - the fat seared well - albeit COLD in the middle, and not just bloody, or pink merely, but COLD)! I need to taste the contrast between the warm and savory crispy edges and fat and then the cold raw inside. That combo, to me, is simply out of this world! 


Regardless, here is a cheers to some bison done both ways! Tonight it was NY Strip Cuts, and I believe the last time it was ribeye, but then I need to go back and read my own thread and see if memory is even serving me correctly.


Tomorrow's video, of "Lobster Two Ways" should be up in the "non-fish/seafood" section by mid afternoon or so...


Happy weekend! Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah




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Black and blue is my perfect doneness.... Looks awesome as usual....
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