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Raw andouille

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My hog is going to meet his end next Monday. Part of him will become Andouille, which I've never made. Can I cold smoke and freeze it, and just let it cook it in the pan? Or does it have to be hot smoked to temp?
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You can but your environment and meat needs to be blow 40 degrees while cold smoking fresh andouille. You can process the fresh sausage and place in the fridge and hang to form a pellicle then dip in liquid smoke then freeze. I suggest you add cure to the sausage and slow smoke/cook the sausage then freeze.... You need to be careful with raw uncured ground pork



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I'm planning on mixing in cure #1, letting it sit overnight in the fridge, then a day in the smokehouse before freezing. I do have a rig I can hot smoke in, I'm just lazy. Probably wiser to play it safe and smoke it up to cooked temp though I guess.
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I think you'd benefit from Craigs Thread......

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post #6 of 10 sure know how to get my attention..where's my popcorn??

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Coming in from the smokehouse. I cold smoked for 5 hours, now it's baking in the oven
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That looks like a whole lota smiles in your hand.........

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Looks great - nice job

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