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chicken chowder

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I was just wondering if someone has a good chicken chowder recipe plan on smoking some chicken thighs this weekend
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About the only thread I found here on SMF.. however.. any chicken chowder recipe you like will work.. just sub in the smoked chicken thighs with "baked roasted grilled sautéed etc ) chicken. I

I do chicken thighs all the time for the sole purpose of pulled chicken for every other recipe to think of.. ..

Smoked your thighs.. pull the meat (save the bones for smoked chicken stock) and go to town...

Got questions about smoking them thighs just ask away ;)

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Thanks for the recipe so what is a good recipe for thighs
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Gumbo, jambalaya, Ettouffe, Sauce Piquante, Creole, dumplins, spaghetti, Chicken salad, Lassanga, Chicken tacos, Pizza, Noodle soup, Pot Pie, Enchillades, chicken ice cream, stroganoff, Hobo stew, chicken soup, J Folse's Oodles of noodles, etc etc etc....... what can't you do with chicken?


BTW shaner, when ya get a chance please update your profile page so I will asking about where you hail from. Thank ye thank ye.

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Exactly what Foam said :)mm... pot pie sounds soo good to me right now!.. even at 7am!
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I have a great Chicken Stew recipe that can feed an Army of folks.


Usually I "stew" the chicken (boil it) but smoked chicken would work wonderfully in that too.



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