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Looking great Gary!

Do you keep the smoker running at 225 for all and do you have a probe for the meat or do you just use the CC thermometer for tending the fire?



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225 all the way   just use CC thermometer. I check a couple times a year, pull it off stick probe into boiling water. Mostly just by looks and feel on the ribs and brisket, cooked so many I just kind' a know. Pork shoulder, chicken and turkey I use my digital meat thermometer want to make sure on that internal temp. My smoker is sitting on the patio where I can look out the door from my recliner and see my temp gauge.

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You said you're going to wrap in butcher paper, is this like freezer paper? I've never seen this done before. I always wrap mine in foil.


How do you determine when to wrap? Temp or time?


What is your final "pull" temp on your brisket? I'm a 190 guy; then wrap in foil, then in towels, and into a cooler to rest.

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Brisket ready to wrap after 6 hours, and wrapped back on the smoker



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Time and looks, I used foil for years, still do on occasion Started using butcher paper after watching Aaron Franklin (Franklin BBQ in Austin Texas) really like the results. If you are running behind or trying to get it done faster I think foil is the way to go. It hold in all the moisture.


Probably around 190 + I really never check my temp anymore, I have done so many I can tell by looks and feel. When I do pull it I wrap it in a couple old towels and let it rest for an hour or so. (depends on wife, kids and grandkids hollering is it ready is it ready)

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Ribs at 2 hours   Brisket still cooking

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I still don't get the whole burn ban and how they can apply that to a BBQ or a smoker.   Maybe you should invent an ash guard for the exhaust stack and get it approved and patented.

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very nice gary!
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It was kind of a gray area, probably could have smoked, but I posted earlier that my neighbor lets his yard go and looks like a hay field ready to bale most of the time, didn't want to take a chance on a spark or ember catching his yard on fire and burning down our neighborhood. Everything O-K now though. Going to get a good rain possibly tomorrow, Sat. & Sun.



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Ribs after 3 hours, ready to wrap

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Looking good Gary!


My smoker is getting fired up tomorrow afternoon about 10 miles to your west w/ 2 briskets as well.  I can't wait!


Hope yours taste as good as they look!



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all this brisket talk has got me thinkin i need to do a brisket this weekend for the OU/TX game. yep, i think ill do that..
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Hey Marty, glad you joined the group and welcome. You are just down the road a bit. Be sure and post some pictures of your cook tomorrow.

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Ribs after 2 hours wrapped   probably another 30 min.


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Brisket coming off at 6:00 PM  then rest for a while.

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looks amazing!!! I shall try a brisket next time and will do ribs just in case the brisket goes way south.

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Ribs are ready, had to deliver 1/2 ribs and a brisket to my #2 son and grandson, other half of ribs for my grandson who lives with us both are 16 Brisket resting will unwrap and cut in a bit.


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Very nice, I know the boys with make and instant bone pile!

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Here is what I've been waiting on  ......   Total cook time 12 hours rest time 1 hour





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I would like to thank everyone who took time to view and comment on my cook, hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did cooking it.



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