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deep smoke flavered jerky

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   When I use to live in Pa.  There was a town forest hill they sold this jerky it was called double smoked my by a local farmer.  it was about an 1-1.5" round and 6" long and kind of tough.  But when you pulled one out of the jar you could smell the strong smoke oder and when you put it in your mouth the smoke flavor was overpowering -The best I have ever had-  I don't think he use a lot if any spices as not to rune the smoke.  I was just wondering if anyone had some ideas on how to get that much smoke flavor into the jerky?

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Use a recipe with cure in it.  Then cold smoke it for 12 hours, let it sit in the fridge for 12 hours. Repeat. Repeat again until you think it's good.  Then hot smoke it as you normally would.


People will cold smoke bacon for days.  I thought someone here had done it for almost a week before.



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cool thank you.  I can just set up to smoke when i get home from work and take it out when I go to work.  thank you.  I think the hard part will be waiting for it to finish and not wanting to eat it sooner

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There is a possibility that with a lot of smoke flavor, it may require some time to mellow like cheese.  It may be a little bitter at first.

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I wonder if the guy added liquid smoke to the meat, and then smoked it to dry it. Not sure if this would give that extra kick, but sounds like it could.
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By mellow like cheese you mean sit in the frig for a day or so to get rid of the bitterness?  I couldn't wait and desided to fry a peace up today to so so good.  and that's only about 16 hours in my smoker.  I can't wait for the next 30 or so to go buy.  I"m already thinking about buying a whole or half cow to make some more

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Yes, except with cheese the wait is around the 2 month mark.

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Just wondering.  When I pull my meat out of the smoker house in the morning and put it in the frig.  It's in a tupperwear container with a lid.  There is plenty of moisture on the floor that I wipe up but the meat is not getting any dryer.  should I let it air out for a day or so or just keep going on like I am

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  I'm guessing you are still cold smoking? When you get the flavor that you want, raise the temp to finish the drying process. Start about 160 for an hour, then 180 to finish. You will need to check for doness as  they smoke. Hope that helps.



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Yes I have about 25 - 28 hours  I still have about 20 more hours to smoke it.  Every morning when I open the box there is quite a bit of juice on the bottom of the box

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