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Hi Gary, You know there are so many other issues with pellet smokers that they have tackled so well that this is a little thing. Then the diameter of the stack is a little off from most cans. While the Grilling Beans is a little larger then most and happens to be just right. Damn good beans too!


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Yoder Offers an extra cost cover option.

I turn the smoke stack down when not in use.

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Sorry,  I stand corrected



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I talked to Byron at Yoder and he said they stopped installing the smoke stack cover because customers were shutting them while in use.  This then created problems with the air flow inside the unit.

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Some people !!!      Kind of like the one bad apple in the barrel thing.     They need to put a big peal off sticker on the smokers that says  " READ DIRECTIONS BEFORE SMOKING and DO NOT COVER SMOKE STACK WHILE SMOKING"


I understand if you don't know, you don't know  but looks like after a time or two they would figure it out, or read the directions. That's all for now I'll get down off my soap box



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Riblet 1, Nice smoker,  good looking food and great close ups of the ribs. What kind of camera do you use? I saw some shots about that quality and they were shot with a Ipod.5.

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Thanks! The pictures were from an iPhone 5.
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Man O Man the Yoder looks great!  Everything looks excellent.  Should be a dream for a long time.

If the home boss :wife: isn't careful, there might be another toy on our patio.


Best of luck!

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I have had mine now for about six months. Run it about 25 times. I have not prepared a bad meal and it has made my life much easier with time management and the kids. Have not had any issues operating it all. Just make sure you clean the burner often.
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I just ordered my new 640 on comp cart and should be receiving it in a week or so!

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Great advice on the burner being kept clean, everything I have read is in alignment with your comment. Just got notice the unit is being shipped today. The family will be eating good for the holidays!

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   I just received a 640 Comp Cart a couple of weeks ago. Be aware that if you are having it delivered by freight carrier, Yoder builds a "track" of sorts that is put on top of the pallet itself, which keeps the smoker immobile during shipment...and leaves the bottom of the tires about 13 inches above the ground. It took a bit of doing to get it off the pallet by myself.

  Oh, and the 640 has so far been everything one would hope for with an expenditure of this type! We just can't get over how much more real estate it has when compared to our ceramic cookers.

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Great information on the shipping methods, I will have family on standby. I talked to FedEx today and the units being delivered Thursday!
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I ordered some hickory blend and pecan blend pellets from BBQ Delight. Hoping between the two types I can do most cooks. Thoughts?

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^^^That is exactly the two types of pellets I ordered with the YS640. So far, so good.

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Thank you!got the unit today!!
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Thank you!
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It will be 2 years that I have had my YS640 in March and I can't say enough about the smoker and the company as well as ATBBQ. 


Yoder listens to it's customers and made improvements to the burn grate and firebox by reinforcing both and making them so that current owners can make the upgrade. They recently introduced a new heat diffuser plate with a removable plate over the firebox, so now switching from smoker to grill and back is simple. It also makes cleaning out has from the fire grate after each smoke a breeze. The cover on the stack was hindering airflow and since the temps are controlled by a controller and not how much wood or charcoal is added, there really was not reason to have the stack cover.


Pellet smokers are set it and forget it and Yoder hit it on the head with theirs. 

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I picked up my new Yoder 640 last weekend on the 10th, we had it loaded in the truck and took three guys to lift and guide it in. This smoker is solid. When we got home, it was much easier taking it out 2 men and a lady. I wiped everything down as I put parts in and fired it for the first burn in. I have a rec tec also, which I think doesn't compare to the Yoder. The next step after burn in was 4 lbs of bacon, I ran that at 225 for 2 1/2 hours. For sure the stack side is hotter, I had the damper wide open. I would probably close it 6"-8" next time. This last weekend I couldn't wait to get cookin, I bought 6 racks of baby backs and a 6 lb brisket point. I ran the smoker at 225, according to my tappecue it was running lower which with all the cold meat in there I figured it might, after a couple of hours things started settling in with 5-10 degree differences. The meat came out great. Everyone that came over said this was the best brisket I have made, and I'm still getting compliments about it. The ribs came out damn good, a little more done than I wanted some bones were coming right off. They all enjoyed the cook served with corn on the Cobb , beans, macaroni salad and IPA beer to wash it down. Great weekend, and great way to start learning this smoker. By the way, it kicks ass on my rec tec. [IMG][IMG]
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