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composted horse manure

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I have learned a lot since my last thread on this subject.I added a second compost bin but that also means a lot more work. It takes me about an hour to turn  just one of those bins, but it will be worth it come next year. I am really excited about this years compost.Last year nothing happened but this year MAN it is really cooking but boy is it steaming will have pics later

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Shawn, evening....   I used to have compost bins....  had three.....  one was always empty to shovel compost into...  Mostly I composted leaves in the fall......   good stuff....

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that makes a lot of sense but it already takes up a lot of room it measures about 16ft long and about 4ft wide.


Thanks for the advise

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I have more leaves than I know what to do with. I run over them with mulching blades. I have about a 2.5 acre yard inside the fence. With lots of big trees.

Happy smoken.


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Sweet looking set-up. My only concern with horse manure is the amount of seeds that seem to sprout like crazy. Will your composting kill those off?

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I hope not, where I got horse manure their in stalls not on a pasture but that doesn't mean that their hay wont. I hope the hot composting will kill most of them

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Shawn, morning.....  WOW......   you need a small tractor with a front end loader....  or 3 kids that can take orders...   Add plenty of urea, each time you turn it, to get the straw to break down...   The garden, and return on investment in veggies, will be worth it....  




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Hi Shawn, I agree with Dave on this one. Your compost looks great and well worth the effort.

I’ve been using donkey manure and the scrap hay for several years now. Those compost piles will turn so hot that the seeds seem to burn up in the process. When you see all that steam in the first section, put your hand in there and you’ll see what I mean. The urea will work wonders for you.

I live in Minnesota so after my garden is done for the season, I dig trenches for my rows, fill the trenches with manure, pile the dirt back on top and let the winter temps do my composting. Seems to work well for me..

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thank for the compliments but yous guys are right i wish i had a tractor, my kids are to small to put to work. one time I was turning my compost and my fork came undone and when I went to grab it,it burned my hand. 

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