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Well did a test run like this

and wow what a difference door was open for a bit before I snapped pic so little on heavy side. But every time I would look had decent smoke. Now need to mod more.

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Fordman, evening......   WOW, Success.......    How does it feel......       (2 hands clapping).....     




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And I didn't cut down the size of opening between the box and the smoker. Now will new holes or one big hole on the side work as long as its at the lowest point I can get or do I need to redo my door somehow.

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By the looks of what you did to make it work, put holes or a couple small hole in the lower  portion of the door similar to what you did with tape...    If you closed off the 2 holes in the mod, that were original, I would keep those closed....    



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Would think as long as it's as low as I can get it and seal up the upper side holes should be the same.
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Well fired up the welder and plugged the old side holes now might cut the door off and weld the hinge on the top and take an inch off the door.
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Sorry it took me so long to get back in here but I've been working a lot and did not even have time to turn the PC on at the house.


Looks like you pretty much figured it out.  That door experiment is pretty much what I suggested.  I would think about closing up part of that large opening between the cook chamber and the smoke tray box, but since you are getting a good smoke now, that may not be necessary.  About the only other suggestion would be you might want to add some form of adjustable damper to the new holes you are making. Design will depend on how you end up doing the final move of the air inlet (holes vs open door bottom, etc...).   Adding a damper will let you control the smoke and air flow to the pellets better.  This will let you control the burn time of the pellets as if you end up with too much air draw they burn faster than desired.  Adjust-ability is always a good thing IMO.

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So what way would you go redo the door buy mounting the door hinge on top and take some of the bottom or put new holes in the side but as low as I can.
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I think the holes in the side near the bottom will be easier and work just fine. 


It seems much simpler than building a new door and moving the hinge location.  I suspect both would work equally well as the problem was the air intake was originally way above the pellet tray and either solution will move it to the same plane as the pellet tray.  You want the fresh air to flow over the pellets as it gets pulled by the heat convection upwards into the smoke chamber.  It might also make for a more even pellet burn if the holes were on the side.  If the air is flowing from the front and then can go to the left into the main chamber, it is not as even a flow as it would be from the side where the air is flowing across the tray before entering the main chamber.  I don't know that it would really matter, but with the front and that big side opening into the main chamber I could see where the pellets towards the front of the tray would be getting better air flow than the ones in the back.  With the holes on the side, the air flow should be even across the entire tray. 


Might be splitting hairs though as it obviously works in your test.   You might want to let it burn for a number of hours in the test configuration to make sure the air flow from the front does not change the rate of pellet burn as the pellets in the back of the tray are the source of the smoke.  I could see where the natural flow of the air from the front opening would be to quickly turn left and head into the main chamber.  Might lead to an oxygen starvation situation in the back towards the right of the smoke chamber, but I don't think it will be nearly as bad as when you started.

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