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Originally Posted by Ribwizzard View Post

ButtBurner,   do you feel that you would be able to accomplish the same results with trying to do , say......five roasts that size at the same time, with drip pans under each?



Anyway, I think you bring up a good point.  For a back yard smoker, for someone only doing small batches of food, the advantage's of a reverse flow probably wont justify the cost difference between them and a typical off set smoker, and with playing around with some tuning plates , the off set will cook as good as it would ever need to in that situation. Where a reverse flow is going to shine is when you have a bunch off food that all needs to be ready at the same time, and you can fill the smoker to capacity with out having to worry about upsetting the air flow or cooking characteristics very much.


Would everyone agree with that?


I dont know. Probably not on the 5 roasts. There are limits to this I would imagine.


I agree with your last statement

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all horz. stickburners i have used have a hot side and cold side (have never used a JAMBO) my LANG 60 is a rf. the plate under grate is about 6 in. below the grate the juices from the meat drop on the plate and cause a searing action giveing a wonderfull taste to your food you just can`t beat it:a37:

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Well I have been off here for a while. Work has been non stop. I have finally slowed down for a few weeks and am going to knock out this cooker at last. I purchased some 4 x 2 tube for a trailer and also found a complete axle springs wheels fenders lights jacks and coupler etc... from Southern Wheels for $350.00 plus shipping. Just bought the kit and am heading to the shop to build the trailer frame while I wait on the axle kit to show up. I hope I can get the frame done this weekend pics coming soon.

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Cornbread, looks like you've gotten some sound advice and are well on your way. Good luck with your build. Were all looking forward to updates!
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The trailer frame is built. The rectangular tube worked out nice. I am very happy with the looks and it is really strong. Just have to wait on axle kit to show up to finish. I am going to see what I can get done on the firebox today. I will try to load up some pics this afternoon.

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I finally got time to get some pics of the work. I hope everything works out. All of the fabricating has gone pretty smooth so far. I built the firebox and warming box all in one shot. It took some maneuvering to turn it by myself it weighs about 650lbs so far. Now I know why the pros do it in 2 pieces. When I built the trailer frame I found it to be a little nicer to v notch the frame and bend the tongue  from the same piece. I hope it will be just as strong. I think the paint will be better as there are no grind marks at the joint. The FB has a ways to go to but I am finally getting something done right or wrong.

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Question? You said your firebox is a bit undersized, ...how much? And have you decided what to do about that? And have you given any thought yet about your end cap?

This should turn out to be one nice set up!
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Hey Ribwizard I must have made a typo my firebox is a little bit oversized . I have been thinking about the end cap my cylinder that I rolled is 36" in dia I have a propane tank that is 30" in dia I am going to cut it and either weld it on the end or split it open by about 20 cuts and open it to 36" and fill in the gaps and weld it back to my specs. Either way I think it will get me the right  curve for the reverse flow to work easy enough

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I have a very large hyd. Press, and thought if I built another one, I'd try to press a plate into a dish shape. With a couple 2" slices off of a couple different dia. pipe, I wouldn't think it would be too hard to do.

I've always been kind of disappointed that the big name builders have not made the extra effort to design something like that! Even a slight curvature sort of like the old moon cap hub caps would look better that just a flat plate.
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Another thought has been to slice the end of the pipe into a rounded shape, just top to bottom, then cap it with plate. The cutting of the pipe would require careful lay out, but once you get it right, tack weld the plate at the top and heat it up and tack weld it as you bend it around the radius.

Not sure how it would really look though, thinking less radius to it would look better.
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I got a little bit done on the smoker getting ready for RF plate and doors. I decided to go with a 250 gal tank I had for the rounded end. Had to empty the propane and wash it. I cut it while it was full of water and soap. Used cut off wheels and a sawzall. Just got it back from media blasting and a neutralizing bath. I burned it with hickory and pecan mix seems to be pretty clean

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looking good to me.

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Good post.  My turn.  I have only a RF smoker....er two of them....twins.  I chose not to do tuning plates after a small grease fire in my home smoker.  I welded my plates in solid to contain grease and minimize risk of another fire.


My smokers are 7'.  I did a bang up job and still have hot spots.  These come in handy.  I use top shelf for chicken, to crisp it up.  I also have a small hot spot at fire box end.  This I use for pulled pork.  After cooking on these for almost a year and almost every weekend I have gotten used to these different cook zones and really like them.  It allows me to cook many different meats at the same time.  I'm sold on rf smokers.  Looking at building another smoker trailer this summer.

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anyone know where to get some good temp gauges and also thinking about those positive locks for the doors I am not sure who makes good quality locks and gauges

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Tel-Tru is who i always go through for my gauges. really good gauge and i've never had one fail on me yet.


can't help ya on the locks for the doors, i've never needed or used them.

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 also thinking about those positive locks for the doors

Maybe try google for "pressure clamp or latch".  I use the clamps for my smokehouse doors from harbor freight.  There are some that are more heavy duty.

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I like Destaco clamps, in stainless steel, this time went with the design that does not use plastic red handles, they tend to turn pink after a couple of years in the sun. The stainless ones don't use the rubber clamp head either that will get funny after being clamped against the hot CC or firebox, but if you don't want to pay the extra money for them, just throw out the rubber headed bolt and replace with a stainless pan head bolt. The rounded head won't mare up your paint as bad either.

Tel tru is the only gauge I'll use, I buy from KCK to support the independent guy, and fellow BBQ enthusiast. His prices are right in line with everyone else and I always get them in 3 days with no problems with any of the dozen or so orders placed with him. He has other brands as well as hinges, vents, spring handles, etc.
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Thanks guys I will check everything out. Been a long time since I have done a build and everything is different now . I appreciate every ones input and advice. Got the RF plate in last night with the tracks for food racks. My neighbor has a brake that does 1/4" x 10' we put a 174 degree bend on the plate. We did not do a cross break because the tank was about 3/8" out of round from one end to the other so I cut it obtuse and we bent it length wise. I cut in half and it worked out level from one end to the other and has about 1/8" per foot of slope in all directions for center drain. I burnt the plate with an oxy acetylene track torch 1977 picked it up the other year at an auction for $75 Not a plasma cutter but if you get your heat and speed right with the right tip. No warping just takes a few more min. to set up and dial in. It was a good fit.



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Not sure why folks would be so intent on violating the laws of physics here. Hot air rises. The fire goes on the bottom and the groceries on top. What is a reverse flow tuning plate? lol
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I know of reverse flow or tuning plates but not a reverse flow tuning plate. Unless its a hybrid in which case it uses tuning plates or you can push them all together and make it a reverse flow.
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