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My First Ever

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This weekend was the first time I used my grinder and sausage stuffer.  With help from my wife we ground up some pork and made Pop's breakfast sausage three different ways.  We made 2 pounds straight from Pops recipe, 2 pounds with .3oz each of garlic powder and onion powder and one pound with the same amount of garlic and onion powder plus .2oz cayenne powder.  Haven't done a test fry yet.  Next we made summer sausage from a Lem's kit, 2.5 pounds straight from the kit and 2.5 pounds with added cheddar cheese.  I have the summer sausage in the smoker at 100 degrees to dry for one hour.  I will post pictures once the summer sausage is done.

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Everything was good, I just have to learn how to post the pictures

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See if that helps with uploading your q-views.  Also...if you are using your cell or an Ipad....go to the "main" page of SMF...scroll all the way to the the mobile button.  That will help too.



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Sounds like you did well, hope to see some pics soon.

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