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First UDS smoke

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And first time with only thighs. We will see what what happens. Brined them a bit and sprinkled with season salt. Keeping it simple for the first time.yhyvazaq.jpg

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I love some smoked thighs!  hope they turn out good. Keep the pics coming.

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Well here is a finished pic.  I took them to an IT of about 170.  These things were super thin!  and cooked really fast.  They were boneless and skinless.  I got a little too much salt on them also.  Still edible but not the best I've ever done.  I always have such a hard time with Chicken for some reason.


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Had a little bit of trouble getting the UDS to stabilize temp.  I'm not sure if the wind had anything to do with it or not as it was rather breezy but I'm leaning more towards impatience on my part and the incessant need to fiddle with things.  head-wall.gif

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You will get the hang of it.


I am still learning how to stabilize temps too.

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Yeah I'm certain I need some more practice.  I better stock up on mean LOL.  I really think it had alot to do with how impatient I am. LOL  Can't expect it to raise and lower temps in just a few min.  I need to learn to leave it alone for a little bit.  That and I need to invest in a Maverick so I don't have to open the lid to check temps.

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Yes, get a mav SOON.


You lose to much heat my opening the lid.

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Do tiny adjustments and then wait 30 mins.

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I have been doing some looking around.  Is there really much difference between the 73 and the 732?  Other than range?  I really don't need much long range because the smoker usually sits right out side the back door.

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I have the 732, never had a 73 so I don't know.

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Just ordered a Maverick 732 and got a set of man claws thrown in for fee.  :sausage:

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Good deal.


I love my mav.

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How do you run your probes into the UDS?  Just through the lid or a another hole on the side?

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For now through the lid but that is gonna change.


I am going to drill a hole in the side of it, weld a nut to the outside of the barrel over the hole so I can put a plug in it when not in use.

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Gotchya  Sounds like a good plan to me.

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I drilled a 1/2 inch hole below the top lip and fitted it with a flange so there are no sharp edges to catch the probe on. I have learned that constantly fiddling with the intakes is agonizing. The key is to slowly bring it up to temp. It is easy to make it hotter but not the other way around.

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I got one of these things from Lowes. Works nicely and doesn't fray or rub the edges of the probe wires.



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What is that?  where in Lowes did you find it?

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Originally Posted by KandL View Post

What is that?  where in Lowes did you find it?


I can't remember the name for it. I think it was in the electrical section. Cost like $3 or something. I had the name of it, went into the store, the guy there said they don't carry and he'd never heard of it. Five minutes later I found them on a shelf in various sizes. 


Actually I just remembered. It's a nm/se connector. Lowes, Home Depot and Ace had no clue what it was when I went in to ask them about it. Home Depot and Ace seemed to only have it online but Lowes had a ton of them on the shelves. Good luck! I am using the 3/4" and can fit 3 probe wires easily.



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Ended up with the lamp bolt thing as I had one in the junk drawer.

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