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Successful first pork shoulder

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First attempt at a shoulder went well yesterday. Smoked for 9.5 hours with a combination of hickory, apple, and pecan chips at 230 degrees. Starting weight was just under 8 lbs. After reaching 165 in the smoke, foiled it with a cup of apple juice and cranked the smoker up to 275. Took about 2.5 hours to get to 200. Took it out of the smoker, wrapped in towels and into a cooler for 1.5 hours. Unwrapped and pulled it apart. Bone pulled right out. Of course had to sample some even though will be serving it tomorrow. Made up a batch of some N.C. vinegar based sauce and some cole slaw to go with it. Very pleased how well it turned out.


Finished product

After 6 hours in smoker

After being foiled

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Looks great!
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Wow!drool.gif: great color on the finished butt.. yum! Success is correct. Great job
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