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First Competition in the Books

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My amateur BBQ team entered its first competition 2 weekends ago and we did good. There were 14 teams cooking whole chicken( broke down and used thighs), brisket, pork butt and pork spare ribs. We finished 7th in ribs (they needed another 25 minutes) 4th in butt, 4th in brisket and 2nd in chicken.

Overall we took a 3rd. I learned a lot and know what I would do differently next time. We had many compliments on our sauce and meats from folks sampling our wares. Thanks too all for their advice. We smoked everything on one smoker.Any and all criticisms  on the boxes are wanted and welcome !




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Good job Joe.. most important thing was... "YOU HAD FUN"
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Fun is an understatement !  I'm hooked now!

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Just a small issue I see, in the Chicken and Pork boxes you have Parsley Stems showing around the edges. If you have Big Mitts like me, a long pair of Tweezers are perfect for tucking in the Parsley without smearing sauce all over the white box. Also uniform coating of Glaze, thinned sauce, for shine on the meat looks better. Thighs can be dipped, Pork and Beef can be brushed but get to a sauce thickness that is not so thick it obscures the look of the meat or too thin that it just runs off. That Pork should glisten but the glaze flavor should be one that enhances the meat, not cover it up.  Congrats on the call!...JJ



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Thanks Jj....will do !

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