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1st Brisket Success

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Ive had my BGE for about a year and a half and had yet to do a brisket. I saw Jeff's newsletter article on Amazingly Tender Brisket and since Since Labor Day was coming, I figured Id give it a shot. I got a 15 lb packer and followed Jeffs cook recipe pretty much to the letter. There were some anxious hours when I couldn't get the temp to stabilize and then my meat temp probe went bust, but all in all, it went good. I was starting to stress because I was shooting for an internal temp of 200. It never got above 190 (BTW, the meat temp probe decided to start working again at 185). It stayed at 190 for 5 hours. I checked the point end with a direct read thermometer and it was 190 but it slid in like butter. Its FTC for the next 3 hours while the smoked mac and cheese is on the Egg. I got almost a quart of au jus out of the pan. First pic before, the second pic is just before FTC.

Thanks for a great easy to follow cook recipe Jeff.




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Very good looking there , yum!!

Congrats on your first brisket! I hope to be doing my first here before too long, hope it turns out looking as good as yours.

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It will. Trust the thermometer and the other posters here and youl'l be fine. Its a big hunk of intimidating meat.

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15 Hungry people vs 15lb of super moist and tender brisket. It didn't last very long.

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That looks stunning!



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