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Tribute to my Father...

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Hey guys -


Not sure if this is the proper place for this type of post, so my apologies if it is misplaced...


Just wanted to take a couple seconds to recognize my father, who is 75 and still grills/smokes food about 3-4 times per week.  I owe my love of everything grilled/smoked to him and he will forever be the greatest pitmaster ever in my eyes.


Over the years he has made, teryaki steak, full beef tenderloins, pork tenderloin, Thanksgiving turkeys, thousands of burgers, pork chops, get the picture...EVERYTHING!  And most of it on this beauty:



It's a Weber Kettle that he got in 1968.  I recently inquired about this and found out that this is the ORIGINAL grill that he got right after he and my mom moved to South Dakota.  The things he has turned out on this thing are simply incredible:


Exhibit A (full pork loin - applewood and hickory smoked):


I am proud and honored to be his son.  


Thanks for taking time to read this, hope you had/have your own person like this in your life.  If you have a tribute, share it here!   I'd love to read it!  Better yet, if they are still around, let them know how much they mean to you, they may not be around tomorrow...

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Nice tribute Lee.....   Dave

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Yes indeed, very nice tribute! Amazing that kettle has lasted so long, obviously he has taken great care of it.

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