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Looking for advise to smoking Tuna

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I am new to smoking. I have a Treager Pellet smoker and I am going to be getting some Tuna. I was wondering if anyone knows a good recipe and how long do you brine then smoke the tuna? I am not planning on canning this.

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Bearcarver has a good post on brining and smoking  salmon at:


The brining and smoking processes will be basically the same for tuna steaks or fillets.


I don't think you can go as low in a Treager as he did in the MES.  I have done this salmon recipe where I did the entire smoke at 180 on my Memphis pellet smoker.  I have also brined and smoked Tilapia and steelhead trout with the same recipe.


Tuna has less fat and a more delicate flavor than Salmon, so I would probably not use Cayenne in the brine - maybe substitute some ginger powder?  I would also use a light flavor wood.  Alder wood would be great - but hardly anyone carries it.  Cherry is delicate - leaves a reddish color which you probably won't be able to see on Tuna.  Apple is a bit stronger than cherry - but good with fish.


Once you get above 140 internal temp - you should be good to remove them.  They should still be a bit moist at that temp.  if you want them drier, go for a higher IT.

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Thank you for that information. I will let you know how I do once I get this going.

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I would like to try to smoke some Tuna as well. I look forward to hearing how it turns out for you. 

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You know?  I have a whole bunch of Tuna in my freezer that my friend caught not too long ago.  Maybe I ought to get it out and smoke some. Hmmmmmm.......

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Brine it up just like salmon and smoke away. When you can it you will still need to pressure can it like raw tuna. When we can tuna I do about equal punts of smoked and not smoked.
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