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LowStall temp

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Doing first butt today, seemed to stall at 146 degrees, which seemed low from what I have seen on the forum.
Anybody else experience stalls that low?
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They can stall low, I've had one do it to me. Did you test your therms in boiling and or ice water for accuracy?
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I've had them linger in that neighborhood for a while.... Back when I used to hover over the smoker and obsess about the temp I noticed that I would get kind of a mini stall at a lower temp and then a real big stall at 160-170 . Now when I do pork I just put it on and let it go...just look at it every few hours. I got into the habit of foiling pork butt when it hit me , it just makes things easier.
Good luck , man. I bet it'll turn out great. icon14.gif
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