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chub smoked bologna

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Here we go...im smoking a 5lb chub bologna. Got the brinkman pitmaster going and then unwrapped my chub and brushed it down with evoo and then rolled in rub that I got from my buddy "the dawg".Thanks dawg! Then when I got the brinkman to 225, in goes the chub. qview to follow grilling_smilie.gif
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Sweeeet, I love smoked bologna! Are you using any glaze? I like doing 1:1 bbq and apple juice. Tastes great and gives a nice color.
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I used a 5lb chub brushed with extra virgin olive oil and the rolled it in rub. Then in the last hour, I started brushing on some sauce. I put it on in light coats about every 20 mins so it would have time to caramelize. It was awesome. I took pics with my samsung galaxy s4 but I cant figure out how to post them from my phone. If anyone knows how, reply on this thread or pm me please. The chub looked awesome and I want the smf community to see lol.
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