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Wedding, BBQ checken, and a pig.

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photo (2).JPG 108k .JPG file When you have a pig roaster , Somehow you get invite it to all the party's. Thats good right? Last weekend I was asked to smoke a pig for a wedding. It was a low cost as the newly weds did not have much to spend. ( how can you say no? ) so 126lb pig and 60lbs of chicken on the bbq42 and the pig on the pr60 ( sorry, there meadow creek cookers ) the new happy couple got married.
I cooked the pig for 14hrs ? Something like that, and the chicken I do low and slow , about 1-3/4 hr. I was outside looking at what I need to do to pack up the cookers and how I was to tired to do it, When every one stated to come out and tell me how good the food was. When the bride and groom out, to thank me and tell me how good it was, the bride started to cry and could not thank me enough, I was tolled that with out me doing it for them there would have not been a full family and friends, reception. it would have been just the moms and dads.

Makes me think, I was injured in a accident and cant work now. In the past I've felt lucky to have what I have. After the weekend I feel luckier to have what I have , now I can share what I have, to help others, I'm a volunteer for the Operation BBQ Relief too. Have not been out with them yet, but when that day comes, I'm there.

I leave you with something to think about.

A. Look around you and see what you may have that could help others , No matter how small it me be, It could be the best thing in someone's life.
B. Look up and volunteer for the Operation BBQ Relief or help with what you can. What the hell ,you like cooking your on here, right, just saying.
C. Love the ones that stands next to you. Tell them what they mean to you, and tell them how much you love them. One day you my not be able too.

Until the next time keep the smoke in the smoker and not in the house.
Stay safe
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phil, awesome job! hog looks like heaven. beautiful beautiful hog!!!! and valuable lessons there...i always smoke goodies for ppl around me, who would like bbq but dont have the means or luxury of a smoker or the know i throw my skills around for all to enjoy. trust me here on an air force base, i have at least 6lbs of pulled pork, and 7lbs of brisket kept in the fridge in the breakroom along with a roll of butcher paper...everyone is free to partake in the smoky doesnt last long. everyone (especially during this furlough time, who are having to cut back on lunches, because they wont have much for dinner.) can come in and grab them a piece of butcher paper and get to it.... i also helped out w/bbq relief here in moore when we got slammed by that 'nader. as long as there were ppl hungry i was forkin out pulled pork and chopped brisket sammys.
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Nice pig Phil. that skin looks good enough to eat! I'm totally with you on helping others with BBQ favors! Last year I did two pork butts for a co-worker whose husband passed away suddenly. She was so thankful and said it kept her teenage kids fed for about 3 days. I couldn't believe how good I felt after speaking with her, all for doing something I love anyways.
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